Support to our community in the pandemic

Argentina UR

We have launched the “Building Health in Times of Pandemic” program in partnership with health authorities and Boreal NGO, focused on detecting risk cases and preventing coronavirus and dengue. 

  • More than 250 families from the communities next to our operation of Tucumán covered.
  • More than 200 preventive medical check-ups at a mobile office that visited the neighborhoods.
  • 170 risk families detected whose cases were referred and then monitored by phone.
  • More than 570 visits of healthcare workers that went house to house to detect patients from Covid-19 who are part of the risk groups, deliver hygiene kits and reinforce prevention measures.

Additionally, we donated medical equipment and personal protective equipment to Famaillá Hospital and trained community leaders from the four locations to raise awareness and build installed capacity in those communities.

Uruguay UR

During the COVID emergency, we reinforced our contribution with 4,000 kilograms of fruit for assistance centers that served around 1,000 people.

  • More than 17 entities in Uruguay received fruit donations, including: Centro Esperanza, a nursing home, and Redalco (Red de Alimentos Compartidos) which collects and donates products to feed vulnerable populations.
  • We have also incorporated fruit donation to temporary associates working in field activities.

Sudafrica ZA

Under the Sundays River Valley Collaborative Project, we donated more than 3,600 servings of food, while we helped in providing personal protective equipment, making transportation available and sinitizing 8 communities of the valley, mapped as areas of high risk of transmission.

Perú ZA

Health infrastructure and equipment:

  • In Chepén, we took part in the construction of a 120m² room for middle care at “EsSalud Chepén” health institute; and in Chincha we helped with the equipment of EsSalud and the Hoja Redonda health post.
  • We donated medical equipment (examination tables, benches) and medical supplies (PFE, sanitary and medication kits) to health posts in Pacanquilla, Hoja Redonda and EsSalud Chincha.
  • We contributed to the sanitations and installation of handwashing stations in different villages and the delivery of supplies to law enforcement forces during the response to the emergency (Police, Army).

Health campaigns for our seasonal workers in Peru:

  • 3 internal general medicine health campaigns, HIV and TB screening.
  • 3 internal inmunization campaigns for Hepatitis B, Tetanus and Influenza.
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